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Licking Wrigley Field

*must not make the "lick the Cubs" pun, must...(read more)
Rob Bernard

Licking the Bean

The downside of licking the Bean is that the camera has...(read more)
Rob Bernard

Licking the Shedd Aquarium

Did this the same day as the Field Museum. This was the...(read more)
Rob Bernard

Licking the Field Museum

One of the highlights of my trip, I've read all the...(read more)
Rob Bernard

Licking the John Hancock Tower

My first landmark stop when I got to Chicago. It was a...(read more)
Rob Bernard

Licking the Chicago Cultural Center

Finally getting around to uploading some of the pictures...(read more)
Rob Bernard

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Since the dawn of time man has been confronted with one eternal question... "I wonder what that tastes like." In the history of licking, a great many things have been licked by our ancestors, stamps, frozen flag poles, lollipops, 9-volt batteries, and various and sundry body parts just to mention a few. But we feel that, to achieve true greatness, truly great things must be licked.

This site is dedicated to those who rise to the challenge of licking great things. The world is full of stuff and a great deal of it is historic, weird, popular, unique, or just plain big and yet somehow has never been licked! This is your opportunity to be a part of history and lick something that may never have been licked before!
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