What is TIL?

Since the dawn of time man has been confronted with one eternal question… “I wonder what that tastes like….” No amount of studying, pondering, or observation will answer that question and thus throughout the ages great people have all came to the same conclusion… “Well, I guess I’ll just have to lick it.” In the history of licking, a great many things have been licked by our ancestors, stamps, frozen flag poles, lollipops, 9-volt batteries, and various and sundry body parts just to mention a few. And while we here at ThingsIveLicked.com appreciate these contributions to the licking arts, we feel that to achieve true greatness then truly great things must be licked.

This site is dedicated to those who rise to the challenge of licking great things. Of the billions and billions of people who have ever lived, few have risen to truly great licking. The world is full of stuff and a great deal of it is historic, weird, popular, unique, or just plain big and yet somehow has never been licked! This is your opportunity to be a part of history and lick something that may never have been licked before! We feel that these things deserve to be licked and have their stories told to everyone throughout the land. So send us your photos, your videos, and your stories and together we can carry on the great tradition of licking things and make our own mark on history. It’s a big world out there, now get licking!

What Not To Lick

OK, so here's the deal. This website is for entertainment purposes only. We are all aware that it is perhaps one of the more stupid ideas to have ever graced the pages of the interwebs (maybe ranking just slightly above that keyboard playing cat). We don't want to hear about any of you doing anything illegal or unsafe to get pictures or videos to put up on this site (Like licking the Declaration of Independence, the Queen of England (or any other Queen for that matter) or John Lennon. Yes we know he's dead but seriously how legendary would it be if you could manage to... No! Sorry. Got a little carried away there. No licking John Lennon... at least not without Yoko's permission. We aren't entirely sure, but we are fairly certain licking dead people would get you arrested somehow or another, no matter how awesome it may be).

This site is for fun, not assaulting those who do not wish to be licked, vandalism, breaking and entering, or world domination. (OK, maybe a little world domination).

Also, we are aware that the title of the website may bring to mind some less wholesome things to lick. We get it. It's a funny name and there are lots of pictures you can take (or already have taken) of certain naughty things being licked. First of all...good for you. Second of all, don't send us those pictures (I mean, you CAN send us those pictures, but at that point it is mostly for our own entertainment). We aren't going to put them up on the website and they will most likely just distract us from posting all the other amazing pictures.

So, to sum things up, don’t be stupid. It’s all fun and games until someone does something illegal or stupidly dangerous.

Before you Lick, please read our "Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy Policy."
Please keep us safe by keeping yourselves safe!


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